Dab Nail Variations for People to Enjoy

Many people become fond of dabbing because of the entertainment it provides them. Dabbing is also known as inhaling vaporized components such as cannabis oil. For people dabbing is fun to do, especially with your close friends. Recent improvements in dabbing quality have led to a wide range of options for those who want to try it. You can find many different types of nails for your dab rigs online. MJ Arsenal Mini Rig pieces come with a plain-Jane quartz banger that most people love. Learn about the best dab nail variations and the pros and cons of each to help you choose the right one. Please keep on reading.

Dome Nails

A round dome nail is an excellent addition to your oil rig, and it’s ideal for personal use, as you won’t waste steam. They are less expensive than their non-round counterparts because the sides are rounded, the vapors tend to be firmer. Because of the dome, it connects and creates a safer environment.

Dabless Nails

Dabless nails have no sides, and this style allows for larger perforations. The oil heats up faster than when using round nails and reduces the risk of burning the oil. This method of dabbing also has some disadvantages. The main one is that the dab nail style requires a lot of heating skills. You’ll lose more steam if you don’t use a separate carbide plug. You might consider starting with a round nail for your dab rig and then switching to a dome-less style.

Glass Nails


Another standard option for dabbing enthusiasts is glass dab nails. These dab nails are not too obtrusive and can be used with any flavor. They are also easy to clean. Glass nails are not designed to withstand high temperatures and should break. Your glass nails will likely last a short time unless you are extremely careful.


E-nails differ from regular nails because they don’t need a kerosene flashlight to heat up. E-nails are short for electronic nails. They usually have a control box that heats the nail through a coil. You can control the temperature with the control box, and this eliminates the need for guesswork.

Titanium Nails

metalSince the early days of dabbing, this option has been available for dab nails. It’s easy to see why this material can be a popular choice for a dab rig because of its incredible strength. The metal is strong and heats up quickly. There are two significant parts to dabbing. One of the most detrimental aspects of using a metal nail area is the possibility of titanium dioxide building up on your dab nails, which can be dangerous for both you and your dab nails.

Quartz Nails

Quartz nails are a great option if you like the sound of a glass nail, but don’t want to risk breaking it. Quartz mineral has similar benefits to glass nails, but is more industrial and offers greater strength. These quartz nails can fall off at the tip of the nail. This is often referred to as “dot fringe”. Quartz nails can cool quickly. This dab nail material should not be abused. Brush nails do not cool quickly.