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The Guide To Choosing Your First Karting Suit

Anyone watching Karting can attest to the fact that it is one of the dangerous games to engage in. Most of us can hardly watch the game while comfortably seated on the chair. The game is, however, one of the exciting sports and one worth participating in as long as one has the right karting suit.


For the first timer racers, the perfect choice for a karting suit may seem a technical one. Indeed it is. The first rule is to ensure that the suit is professionally designed for the sport. The starting point on the design test is the material. The standard materials in this regard are treated fabrics, Nomex, Cordura, and cotton. Treated cotton material is the cheapest but is not as effective as its chemicals quickly fade out after wash.

karting suit

Nomex Material may be said to be one the best material because unlike Cotton; its chemical treatment is permanent. Further, Nomex material offers protection against heat and fire and is compliant with the international safety standards. Another material to look out for is known as Cordula. The Cordula racing suits are specially customized for karting by being abrasion resistance.


For comfortable driving, the suit must also be a perfect size. In determining the ideal size, regard must be had to the height, weight and chest. The ideal measurement for the chest, for instance, is the circumference around the chest, measured beneath the armpits. The height, on the other hand, is measured from the toe to the tallest point of one’s shoulders.

Fire Retardant Properties

karting suitAnother important aspect is that the suit must have fire retardant properties. This means that the material must be one that does not easily catch fire in the event of a direct flame or radiant heat. Different karting suits are rated differently on this ability. The more the value, the safer the material because it shows that the garment has better thermal protective performance. If buying the suits In The US, check that the garment has a block or white patches. The patches are in this regard an indication that the suit is tested and approved for this quality according to the SFI standards.

Number Of Layers

Also, when choosing a karting suit, ensure it has one, two or even three layers. A layered suit leaves more room for insulation, therefore, offers better protection from fire. However, you need to balance between the need for extra protection and your comfort. Three layers may particularly feel too heavy on a first-time racer. With certain materials like Nomex, even a single layer is protective enough because Nomex is an insulator.


The comfort of a karting suit is a collection of all the above factors. Many suits that have the right size, ideal number of layers, for instance, will ultimately feel comfortable. For extra comfort, you may look out for karting suits with air vents on the arms and the thighs that work to cool you off when racing.…